LivenPay Project Update #002

Token Sale progress, Telegram group explosions, improved wallet UX (again), consumer press, brand partnerships, LivenCoin smart-contract audits and a whole bunch more.


  • LivenPay smart contracts verified by Hosho Group
  • LivenCoin Airdrop well received
  • LivenCoin Token Sale Telegram Community explodes with 60k+ members (thank you!)
  • Liven’s help desk is born - let questions & concerns be answered with over 100 live articles via
  • App user experience improved - Liven v5.5.6
  • Food press - Crypto themed ice-cream and burgers with our merchant partners
  • Amazing new brands join the LivenPay network (Killiney Kopitiam, Mr Crackles, Movida)
  • Liven's CEO William Wong is interviewed by Crypto Finder
  • Qizheng Chen, ex Product Manager and Technical Lead of QdingNet joins Liven as Server Architect
  • LivenCoin Community Engagement bounty program set to launch soon
  • LivenCoin Reward Protocol MVP developed on an Ethereum test-net
  • Event preparation for General Assembly and Startup Grind APAC conference
  • Liven’s national Australia team meet for 4 days of organisational madness
  • Renowned chef Frank Camorra joins Liven’s advisory board
  • Liven passes through to the top 10 of the Extreme Tech Challenge 2019, one step closer to joining Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island


The LivenCoin (LVN) Public Token Sale is moving along. Right now, Liven is tidying up shop, closing out final private-sale requests and preparing for the public-sale of LVN tokens.

This means opening up contributions to a wider global audience, which we’re pretty excited about and thoroughly preparing for.

Whilst this is happening, Liven’s network continues to grow, new team members are brought in, and the national Liven team meet at the new Melbourne office to undergo a fast-paced organisational structure audit - headed by the new Chief of Product, Shahrooz Chowdhury.

Product News

Liven v5.5.6 - Wallet UX Improvements

Further optimisation of UX, particularly to improve the on-boarding of new users and payment-flow.

  • Streamlined new user verification process to drastically decrease the time between download and transaction
  • Floating ‘Pay Now’ action button implemented

Meet the Liven Help-desk

The Liven help-desk acts as a huge foundation for our support team, and is a valuable place for anyone looking to learn a bit more about Liven. The articles and collections here will be continuously improved to welcome new people into our ecosystem. Any questions unanswered there are welcomed in our LivenCoin Token Sale Community Telegram Group.

  • Over 100 articles across 14 collections spanning user-support, general Liven FAQs, merchant enquiries and LivenCoin token information.

Ecosystem News

400,000 users!

Liven’s user-base is continuing to expand rapidly, with thousands of downloads each week.

Crypto themed burger and ice-cream

A four week partnership has seen Liven & crypto themed burgers at 8bit Burgers, and four different crypto themed gelato flavours available at Gelato Messina (including the infamous Crystal Eth Gelato).

  • From the 23 October to 19 November, a four week promotion was run for new and existing users on the Liven platform to try exclusive secret menus at 8bit and Gelato Messina.

Liven’s merchant network expands further

  • Integration processes with our Point of Sale partners are being refined and prepared for at-scale implementation
  • BAU brand partnerships continue. In the last month we have welcomed national brands including Killiney Kopitiam, Mr Crackles, Movida, Royal Stacks, Ume Burger and many, many more.

Community News

CryptoFinder Interview

Liven CEO William Wong is interviewed on CryptoFinder by founder Fred Schebesta to discuss the cryptocurrency market at large, LivenCoin’s unique value and more - watch the full interview here.

Liven passes through to the top 10 of Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge 2019

Announced on Twitter on November 19, Liven has passed through to the top 10 of Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge. It is exciting and humbling to be placed among other inspiring projects from across the tech landscape and we are excitedly preparing for the next round of the competition.

The top 10 finalists including Liven will pitch their projects in January at the Consumer Electronic Show 2019 in Las Vegas, USA with the top 3 teams then given the opportunity to pitch directly to Sir Richard Branson and a powerhouse panel on Necker Island - a worthwhile trek from down under.

Frank Camorra, renowned chef & owner of Movida Group, joins Liven’s advisory board

Frank is a renowned Chef in Australia and his restaurants represent Melbourne’s best expression of Spanish cuisine. Over the last decade he has retained an industry leading position and a reputation for excellence. It is a pleasure to have Frank onboard the Liven team.

Event preparation for General Assembly and Startup Grind APAC conference

  • To our friends in Sydney if you are free on Tuesday (27 Nov) come join us for a night of learnings! We have our Sydney General Manager Lucien Hopkinson sharing about Liven’s disruption story to date on everything growth, culture, and crypto!

  • Liven is excited to be at the Startup Grind APAC Conference presented by MYOB. Come see us on the 6th and 7th of December at Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. Visit our booth and experience the LVN wallet (we've got something special for you). On day 1 see our CMO Grace Wong present and on day 2 see CEO William Wong present and join the panel following.

Qizheng Chen joins Liven as Server Architect

Liven welcomes new server architect in Qizheng Chen, a well-versed software engineer who has previously worked at Qdingnet

LVN Token & Token Sale update

Liven is excited to be closing out final public sale requests and preparing to open up the purchase of LVN tokens to the general public. The LivenCoin Token Sale has been in the private stage since May 2018.

  • LivenCoin Token Sale Telegram explodes to 50k+ members -
  • LivenCoin Airdrop is active with the LivenPay Airdrop Bot -
  • LivenCoin Community Engagement bounty program run from the BitcoinTalk forum to launch soon
  • Final private sale requests being reviewed and settled
  • Public sale set to launch within 3 weeks

LivenCoin (LVN) Ethereum Smart-Contracts audited by Hosho

Blockchain security agency Hosho have audited the LivenCoin (LVN) Ethereum Smart-Contracts - both the audits and the smart contracts are viewable in the LivenPay public Github

Hosho aims to redefine what Blockchain Security is. To date, the agency has worked on over 100 blockchain projects, including VeChain and SALT, securing their reputation as the industry leading Blockchain Security Agency.

LivenCoin (LVN) live Reward Protocol MVP is built on in-house Ethereum node

This month, Liven built their own in-house Ethereum node and have a live version of the Reward Protocol on an Ethereum test-net.

The Reward Protocol is LivenCoin’s unique token economic model designed by CSO Dr. David Ballerini. This protocol manages the inflow and outflow of LVN rewards given per transaction in the network, and determines the value of LVN tokens relevant to the network’s activity.

The Reward Protocol is detailed in section 5 of the Liven Whitepaper. Soon, we will be releasing a series of content explaining the Reward Protocol in plain old English.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or want to open up a dialogue about the project our social channels below and conversation can be had in our Telegram group.


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