LivenPay Project Update #001

With the release of Liven 5.5, all 350,000 Liven users have been transitioned to LVN, The Digital Currency for Food, which can be held in the Liven wallet, spent at our network of 1000+ merchants, or sent to friends via @handles - all instantly.


  • LVN - The Digital Currency for Food can be spent instantly at over 1000 businesses today
  • Introducing Liven v5.5 - The Wallet Update
  • Liven passes 350,000 user milestone with 20% month-on-month Gross Merchandise Value growth
  • Liven partners with market leading point-of-sale platforms Kounta and Abacus to increase our reach to thousands of more merchants
  • Liven partners with to begin integration of XEM cryptocurrency for wallet ‘top-ups’ and use of NEM blockchain to publicly and immutably verify and timestamp merchant analytics
  • LivenPay private sale nears completion and gears up for public sale
  • Shahrooz Chowdhury, former Guzman y Gomez CDO, B&T 30 Under 30, joins Liven as Chief Product Officer
  • LivenPay Token Sale and Generation smart-contracts published on LivenPay GitHub
  • Liven joins Flex Enterprise Alliance, an Australian organisation dedicated to the advancement of blockchain and web3 technologies.
  • Tony Stuart, CEO of UNICEF Australia, joins LivenPay as Ecosystem Advisor


It's October 2018 and if you're down under with us, we've made it through the ever easy Aussie winter and it's almost time for our weird summer Christmas.

As to where 2018 went, we're as unsure as you are. For Liven, we've massively expanded our network with incredible brand partnerships and tech integrations, and have nearly completed the private sale of our network utility token LivenCoin (LVN).

From here on, we'll be posting monthly project updates as a way to connect our community with our company, team and culture.

Let's get started.

In the last few months, Liven has gotten to work on scaling our front and back-end infrastructure to prepare for the almighty challenge of scale.

The Liven Wallet has seen significant feature updates and releases and Liven has partnered, and now integrated with, several point of sale technologies and the LVN token sale is almost ready to move from private to public.

Product News

October saw Liven v5.5 - The Wallet Update - released on iOS and Android platforms, enabling multiple major features for usability of LVN.

LVN Wallet

Send, Receive & Top-up LVN
Released on Oct 1, this update saw the Liven network currency Liven Cash swapped out for the new LivenCoin (LVN):

  • Existing Liven Cash has been converted to LVN - though the exchange rate of LVN to $AUD will remain fixed until after the implementation of the reward protocol, following the completion of the Token Sale. Users are now experiencing how LVN will look and operate without the dynamic exchange rate.
  • 'Buy LVN' button enables anyone with the app to participate in the LVN Public Token Sale directly. In-app daily purchase limits of $500AUD equivalent apply.
  • 'Send LVN' button allows users to send and receive LVN from their friends.

Upon app launch, users are met with a username prompt. This @handle will be used to send and receive LVN within the Liven ecosystem.

User Interface Overhaul
In late August 2018, Liven 5.0 was released with a refreshed UI for improved navigation while keeping a familiar user experience:

  • Bottom navigation bar was redesigned
  • Home-page was refreshed
  • Search tags were expanded

LVN will be available for withdrawal from the Liven ecosystem upon completion of the ICO and when the Token Generation Event occurs.

Ecosystem News

Liven hits 350,000 users!
With huge partnerships in the last 6 months, Liven’s user-base is expanding more rapidly than ever before, with thousands of downloads each week.

Point of Sale (POS) integrations:

Integrating with Point of Sale systems dramatically increases the reach of our merchant network while improving the transaction experience for both users and merchants. This integration improves transaction speeds, increases reliability and reduces administrative work around device management, improving platform scalability.
POS partnerships are a huge step forward for Liven and we are very excited to have now moved past the testing phase and onto live implementation at some of our most loved venues.

To date, LivenPay has successfully integrated with:

Liven partners with Flex DApps, and joins Flex Enterprise Alliance

Flex DApps is Australia’s leading Decentralised Application development agency. The Flex DApps team have joined Liven to lead development of LVN Ethereum smart-contracts and blockchain integrations, bringing a wealth of experience, and the technical capability to interface our existing business with the Ethereum main-net and public blockchain.

In July 2018, Flex Enterprise Alliance was founded, a global collective of companies and individuals building out web3 technologies. Liven is extremely excited to be joining FEA alongside other top cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in Australia and around the world such as Status, NEM, TokenBooks, and Canya.

Community News

Shahrooz Chowdhury joins Liven as Chief Product Officer

Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital enterprise, product and the food industry, it is a pleasure to officially welcome Shahrooz to the Liven team. An industry leader in mobile marketing and product management at some of Australia’s most reputable digital businesses. Shahrooz has been advising The LivenPay Project for several months, and has now transitioned into a full time role as Chief Product Officer.

Tony Stuart, CEO of UNICEF Australia, joins the LivenPay advisory board

Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge gleaned from decades of experience as an executive in listed and non-listed business, government, membership and charity organisations, Tony joins Liven as a key Ecosystem advisor, leading innovation and strategy on the charitable and socially geared features of The Liven Wallet.

LVN Token & Token Sale update

The LVN Token Sale has been accepting private sale contributions since April 2018 and is now readying to move to the public sale within the next month.

  • Public Token Sale dashboard development almost complete.
  • Bounty programs pre-announced and in-planning.

Liven Partners with Foundation

The Foundation, creators of the peer-to-peer NEM blockchain platform and the XEM cryptocurrency, will be working with Liven to make XEM the first cryptocurrency pairing with LVN, enabling access to payments with XEM at over a thousand venues. Liven will also utilise the NEM blockchain Apostille function, which is a timestamp on the NEM public blockchain. Apostille will be used to notarise analytics provided to merchants to ensure transparency and integrity in Liven’s back-end reporting facilities. Merchants who receive these reports over time will be able to make intelligent business decisions based on the data obtained by Liven.

Token Sale smart contracts published on LivenPay GitHub

Two smart contracts have been pushed on GitHub for the ERC-223 token LivenCoin (LVN).

  1. The first is the token sale smart-contract, which will be used in the public sale to distribute tokens to contributors.
  2. The second is the Token Generation Event smart-contract, used to actually create the entire supply of LVN tokens.

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