Top Cryptocurrency Blogs to Follow for All Levels of Interest

There are thousands upon thousands of sites devoted to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, so where should you start?

Those looking to explore the world of cryptocurrency come from many backgrounds, from curious newbies all the way up to experienced traders and investors looking for the most up-to-date information out there.

Bitcoin’s launch in 2009 set the scene, but there are now 1855 different cryptocurrencies listed on the market – a number that continues to grow.

So here are the blogs to keep you in the loop and on top of the crypto game.

For newcomers

The CryptoStache

CryptoStache is the beginner's starting point when it comes to bitcoin and all things cryptocurrency. It is written by Shea Newkirk (aka The 'Stache) who delivers article and videos in an easy to digest format that goes light on the jargon. The site offers lessons on mining, investing and coding, all using language that anyone can understand.

Special guests include traders and renowned personalities in the field to help you learn the basics of cryptocurrency.


This is one of the oldest and most established crypto coin blogs on the internet. This site is ideal for beginners as it will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process. You don't need to go to external sites, you can set up a mobile wallet, buy and trade bitcoin and learn how to mine for cryptocurrency – all through a guided tour.

There are plenty of industry-related articles to explore, courses to study and some novelty parts for fun – like a counter on how many times bitcoin has been declared 'dead' by the media.

LivenPay Blockchain Blog

Liven is incentive-based mobile payment platform and digital wallet purpose built for the lifestyle and dining industry that allows diners to earn tokens called LivenCoin(LVN) just by purchasing food and drink at participating restaurants.

This comprehensive blog which offers helpful guides, updates to its platform and industry news that is updated regularly.

This site includes deep insight into the LivenPay platform including it’s community whitepaper, as well as industry news and updates to assist merchants incorporating blockchain technology into their operations.

There are over 1000 venues in Sydney and Melbourne signed up to the Liven app and over 250,000 users taking advantage of the app which is built on blockchain technology. They can earn LVN and then either use it towards future meals, or pass it on as a gift or charity donation.

For the experts


As the largest bitcoin news platform in the world, CoinDesk is full of information on cryptocurrency that is updated regularly. It’s a well-presented guide that features reports on digital currencies, futures, light-hearted blogs and industry news. The front page also displays the current market prices of the leading currencies and there are detailed reports on all currencies. This site can be used at all levels, depending on how deep you want to dive. CoinDesk also includes the basics like 'Blockchain 101' all the way up to venture capital and initial coin offering opportunities.

Bitcoin News

If you are looking for the largest collection of bitcoin news on one page, this is the site to go to. Leading fintech writers from all over the globe are featured here and there is a range of tools to help investors make informed decisions. There is also scope for bitcoin enthusiasts to be published on Bitcoin News, with an option to submit press releases.

This site covers off on regulation, finance, crowdfunding and all of the hard news aspects of cryptocurrency, while also adding a dash of celebrity and human interest like the recently published article on Kurt Russell's upcoming cryptocurrency-themed movie.


Are you looking for the hard truth, without bias or spin? CryptoClarified is one of the top crypto blogs for blunt and to-the-point information on currencies and ICOs.

Many sites and blogs are sponsored by currencies or have involvement in some capacity with different cryptos, so getting honest information can be hard to find

This site has no affiliations and will not hesitate to warn consumers of a bad product. It also has a good strike rate of predicting currencies that are about to go to the moon, with several going on extended runs shortly after publication.

White Paper: Liven Community White Paper
Telegram: @livenpay
Download the FREE app: Liven