How to earn LivenCoin (LVN) FOREVER

When it comes to mining cryptocurrency, say in the example of Bitcoin and it's proof-of-work consensus algorithm, you could technically mine Bitcoin forever - all you'd need is enough hash power to make it worth it (the more hash power your computer/server has, the more likely you are to solve Bitcoin's cryptographic hash function).

With LivenPay's borderless digital currency LivenCoin (LVN), there isn't necessarily a mining algorithm. If you had to put a name on it, you would call it proof-of-satisfied-stomach or proof-of-feed - I'm sure you've got a better name.

Regardless, LVN is a cryptocurrency you can earn forever, and you don't need to worry about hash power for a proof-of-work algorithm or staking your coins for proof-of-stake.

In fact, you don't really need to do anything out of the ordinary.

Here are all the ways you'll be able to earn LivenCoin (LVN) forever.

1. Pay for your food, drinks, snacks and sweets with Liven.

Those already using our app will be very familiar with this, it's the core feature of our app. When you pay for your meal with Liven, you earn 10-40% of your bill as LVN.

It's that simple. The digital currency you earn will sit in the app's wallet until it is spent or sent to others in the network.

At the time of this post, there are around 1,000 merchants in the Liven network throughout Sydney and Melbourne, and we've just partnered with a few PoS companies to expand Liven to 10,000 venues.

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2. Participate in LVN Bounty Programs

As you will find in our Whitepaper, there is a certain amount of LVN dedicated to bounty programs (0.2% of the 10 billion - so 200 million LVN tokens).

We're not talking about putting a price on someone's head by the way, bounty programs in modern technology were first used in the game development space to incentivise contributions to a project.

There will be a few seperate Liven bounty programs aimed at different audiences and different parts of the Liven ecosystem - the details are being designed right now, but the simplest one you would expect is to join our social channels, with more exciting ones potentially having you explore the Liven ecosystem to find puzzle pieces at different Liven merchants!

In the meantime, we're also looking for bounty ideas! If you've got a cool (or not so cool) idea you want to throw out, do it! If we implement it or use it as inspiration, we'll give you something special.

[bounty idea submissions closed, sorry!]

3. Refer your friends, family and miscellaneous comrades and FOODIES!

The third way to earn LVN forever is through by referring people to the network!

If you think someone will benefit from earning on their spends or will enjoy free food, send them your referral code and give them and yourself LVN!

You can find your code in the Liven app, in your profile under the referral button - send it to someone and they'll get LVN towards their first purchase and you'll get LVN when they transact!

4. Join our social competitions & giveaways!

We've got an A+ social team with seasonal events, competitions and giveaways - they're often fun and a little cheeky and the reward is often LVN!

Join us on Instagram, Facebook and join our 63k+ Telegram community.

5. Chat with us at events!

We love a good chat and we love meeting foodies, tech enthusiasts, users and people who know nothing about us.

We're often doing localised airdrops and appreciate anyone with a genuine interest in us, our work, or the best food in town. We'd love to meet you and give you your first taste of using LVN!

How LVN's utility will grow

Very recently, v5.0 of the Liven app was released to the public.

It has a refreshed UI with some shmick UX improvements and some bug fixes. Both our Android and iOS Liven apps are developed natively for their respective operating systems, which takes a bit of extra work compared to using a cross-platform framework but to us, it's worth the stability and control.

When LivenCoin's Token Sale finishes and the token generation event occurs in a few months, LivenCoin will be spendable at over 1,000 merchants. Liven's merchants have started in the food-sector but in future, we will see other lifestyle venues join the Liven Network - hairdressers, spas, sports clubs and gaming bars are on the horizon.

This means as we expand to new venues, the LivenCoin in your wallet will grow in utility and eventually, there won't be anything stopping you from getting a haircut in Melbourne, visiting a spa in Sydney and using your earned LVN for a burger in New York.


Details of all of this, including our vision and how we intend to accomplish it can be found in our community whitepaper.

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