6 Must-Have Apps For Crypto Fans


Whether you’re into playing games, eating food or trading securities, there’s probably an app for that.

When most think of crypto, they think of buying and selling coins, but there’s so much more to it.

So, we’ve curated a list of crypto apps for Android and iPhone that go beyond being stereotypical trading platforms, and actually add tangible value to your life — regardless of whether you’re currently a nocoiner, crypto newbie or old hand.

Liven it up

How could we resist? LivenPay may offer the most tangible benefits of them all, connecting you with restaurants nearby and their tasty treats.

LivenPay is a mobile payment platform purpose made for the lifestyle and dining interest. For everyday use in Australia’s big cities, LivenPay connects foodies with amazing venues where they can dine in, pay and earn cryptocurrency for simply transacting through the free Liven app. Nom nom nom.

The currency you earn is called LVN, and it’s set to become the digital currency for food from this October, potentially making this a top Token Sale to invest in, in 2018. Learn more here about LVN here.

LVN can be stored indefinitely, spent at any participating merchants, traded, or even donated to a nonprofit through the app platform.
Plus, using Liven is an easy way of supporting fintech Australia and helping drive Aussie innovation forward!

Learn more about LivenPay from tour blog or read the Whitepaper here.

Count your coins

By far one of the more popular apps, Bitcoin Checker is a bit of a misnomer. You can check live prices of more than just bitcoin on here.

If you’re holding a couple of different coins, many of them will be listed on here, and the simplistic UX makes checking the leaderboard an even better experience. No crypto app comes close when it comes to pricing alerts, and let’s face it, alerts are essential in the every-changing world of crypto.

Check your wallet

Wallets are clearly having a hot moment; not designer wallets, but crypto wallets.

They may not be "#fashun" like Gucci or Prada, although it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and that may be worth more than designer.

There are so many wallets to choose from, but if you have to pick just one, you should probably opt for an original. Blockchain Wallet is a tried and tested favourite, with special features attached including currency conversions, the ability to send and receive Bitcoin payments, PIN protection, and support for nearly two dozen languages.

Get sweaty


If you’re into working up a sweat for that hard-earned coin, then SweatCoin for Android and iPhone is for you.

For those who opt for a protein shake rather than wine when dining through Liven, you will probably enjoy getting around SweatCoin. The app pays you in cryptocurrency for working out.

Even if you prefer a power walk over a marathon, SweatCoin will reward you for simply walking around outside. All you have to do is keep the app running in the background of your phone to you can earn daily dollars, similar to how the iPhone health app works (but better). SweatCoin can then be used to purchase activewear, iPhones, and even fiat currency through PayPal.

Be abundant

In yoga, there’s a pose called Shavasana that you take at the end of your practice. Consider this app, Abundance, to be your Shavasana after your SweatCoin workout.

Settle into the app and learn the ways of the ‘money mindset’. Unlike seminars that charge an arm and a leg to get this feeling, Abundance is a free app that simply nudges you along that journey.

It gamifies the experience, where you play simple games for bitcoin and receive a motivational quote about creating wealth and abundance every hour.

The app encourages discipline, as it takes 100 quotes to receive higher rewards, and also reminds you to stay grounded.
Probably not a replacement to your yoga and meditation practice, but a worthy supplement.

Keep up with the program

As much as things change, some things stay the same. It may have cut its teeth in traditional finance news, but Investing.com Cryptocurrency makes for a handy crypto app for both
Android and iPhone too.

As a website, Investing.com has been around for more than a decade, covering the mainstream investment markets and news beat. But even if you’re a disciple of the school of Satoshi rather than a follower of the Sage of Omaha (Warren Buffett, top three richest people in the world, for the unacquainted), Investing.com now caters to you.

Investing.com Cryptocurrency may not (yet) offer wallet functionality, but it does have accurate real-time and historical price data, quotes for more than 1300 currencies (crypto and fiat), and the stats you need for most of your alt-coins. Plus, as much as we like to ignore the news, it really does influence markets, and the news is front and centre on here.

If you want to know the top ICO projects for 2018, or the best crypto projects overall, this is a solid starting point.