Top 5 Australian Blockchain Projects

While many tech revolutions tend to have a distinctly Silicon Valley flavour, when it comes to crypto stock leaders, you don’t have to look that far.

For crypto news, Australia is as hot as any other place on Earth thanks to growing list of innovative companies using blockchain technology. Here are five of the best, based on how much they’ve raised and how far ahead they are with their crypto market plans.


Taking the idea of a cryptocurrency exchange to its logical conclusion, CanYa offers a platform for the development of blockchain-based business services apps for functions as diverse as invoicing and buying gas.

Running across these applications is CanYa’s own payment token, the CanYaCoin, which can be used to buy and sell, or exchanged for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The CanYa concept, aimed mostly at self-employed workers, hit a chord with crypto investors when the company held an initial coin offering (ICO) in December 2017. The push raised $12 million, becoming to the second-largest ICO in Australia at the time.

Founded in 2015, the company has since been working to perfect its platform and add new apps to its portfolio. Recent additions include smart contract mailing system called Can Send and an invoicing app known as Can Invoice.


While bitcoin may have sparked a boom in cryptocurrency mining, the hunt is now on for something that could have something like bitcoin’s value without quite so much of its volatility. Havven aims to achieve this with not just one, but two tokens.

One of these, the Nomin, is used for transactions, while the other, the Havven, acts as a currency reserve to make sure the value of Nomins does not fluctuate. The concept requires 80 percent of Havvens to be held in escrow, to maintain stability.

It’s an example of what’s called a ‘stablecoin’, or a cryptocurrency that is no more volatile than a fiat currency. The value of the idea was highlighted in Havven’s ICO, which saw the company hitting a $38.6 million target in 90 minutes.
The company launched Nomin in June this year and the stablecoin is now available on the KuCoin trading exchange, where it can be traded with bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. More recently, as Havven launched an app for iPhone users.

Power Ledger

Perth-based Power Ledger acquired instant crypto Reddit kudos when it raised $34 million in one of Australia’s first major ICOs, in October 2017.

The company is aiming to provide a marketplace for renewable energy, essentially giving you a way to trade energy from solar panels with your friends and neighbours.

There are a number of such schemes in development around the world, but Power Ledger’s is one of the most advanced. The company is getting ready for its first ‘asset germination event’, where token holders can become co-owners in renewable plants.

Meanwhile, it has also pioneered the use of blockchain energy trading across an entire apartment block, thanks to a partnership of Yolk Property Group. The project saw residents in 24 apartments swapping energy in White Gum Valley, Western Australia.


If you’re out shopping, the last thing you want to do is waste your cash on goods that don’t live up to expectations. But how can you find out what a product is like before you buy it?

Shping aims to tackle the problem with an app that lets you scan barcodes and get a wealth of product information plus user reviews. For example, you can check to see if the item you want to buy contains allergens or has been recalled.
The blockchain-based platform also rewards your contributions, for instance if you upload product photos, write reviews, or add new products. Melbourne-based Shping is not only set to take Australia by storm, but is also looking to move into new markets overseas.

In March, the company announced it’s planning to expand its current operations in Australia, Singapore, Russia, and China to include New Zealand, India, and South Korea, all by the end of 2019.


We’ll admit it, we might a little bias. But we’re all about sharing the good news.

Liven is a payment platform and mobile digital wallet, built for the lifestyle and dining industries. The app lets food lovers discover new venues, pay instantly with their phones, and earn LivenCoin (LVN) — the world’s first digital currency for food.

LVN can be saved up indefinitely, spent at any venue in the community, donated to charity, or traded.

For restaurants, bars, and cafes, Liven provides a success-based incentive marketing platform that attracts new customers, encourages them to spend more, and brings them back with an intelligent reward mechanism, based on blockchain.

Hundreds of thousands of people use Liven to discover thousands of restaurants, while the platform processes millions in instant mobile payments. Best of all, there’s no cost for merchants to benefit from Liven. They just have to serve up those tasty dishes.

To learn more about LivenPay, check our blog or the Community White Paper.