Gone are the days when anyone would give away a sizeable chunk of Bitcoin for free. However, scoring free alt-coins, or receiving coins for a much lower cost compared to their value, may be more common than you think.


Here are three ways to get your hands on free cryptocurrency.

1. Promote an ICO

Some ICOs will offer a sign-up bonus, such as free coins, a percentage off coins, or something extra for getting a friend to sign up too. Even when the coins aren’t technically ‘free’, the heavy discount can be appetising enough.

In the lead up to an ICO, it can be smart to get around ‘airdrops’ and ‘bounties’.

An airdrop is when a set proportion of a coin’s supply is given away for free to generate buzz. Some new coin airdrops can only be tapped into by holders of already established coins. With so many comings and goings, sites like AirDrop Alert help you to keep track of all this.

Bounties are the other side of the same coin, but requires a little more effort. In 2018, a crypto investor chasing a bounty may have to write articles about a particular crypto, create social media engagement, or brand themselves as followers of the cause, in order to receive coin bonuses.

2. Manage Your Crypto Wallet Wisely

When new coins and blockchain technology launch, they are more likely to reward holders of the biggest coins, like Eether and Bbitcoin. It’s simple life admin to keep that account active and above zero, in order to receive airdropped tokens. As a crypto investor, you should move coins from exchanges to your own web wallet.

Regardless of the reputation of the crypto exchange, it’s a much better way to go about business, and ensures you don't miss out on precious forks or airdrops, if they come around

3. Get Paid to Eat Good Food

There’s nothing like having your cake and eating it too...and then getting rewarded for it. As a mobile food wallet, the Liven app lets you easily earn free crypto by eating at any of the merchants in the app’s community.

All you need to do is download the app, find a cool joint, pay with your phone, and earn LVN - the world’s first digital currency for food. YES, you can mine and get crypto for free by EATING! This can then spent through the app at other merchants, or even donated to certain charities.

Somehow food just got a whole lot tastier.