8bit, Messina and Gong Cha Accepting Crypto for Food

In Australia, there's a food app taking restaurants by storm and connecting them to over 220,000 spenders.

Gong Cha, Messina and 8bit recently joined Australian startup Liven's global food network. These venues along with others in the Liven network are now accepting Liven Coin, the worl'ds first digital currency for food.

To explain, Liven users earn a digital currency for their spends, which can be accepted at any of Liven's partner merchants, including the big brands you see above.

Oops, the secret's out!

Introducing Liven

Liven is an incentive marketing platform for restaurants, bars, and cafés that brings in new customers, encourages customers to spend more, and brings them back with an intelligent reward mechanism. Check us out!

In today's world, where food can be delivered at the tap of a button, restaurants are looking for ways bring back customers and fill chairs.

More and more savvy millennials and spenders are leveraging tech solutions to get their food, making Liven the perfect solution for restaurants, cafés and bars.

Using Liven is simple. All customers do is download the free app, discover delicious restaurants, dine in, pay instantly via the app, and get rewarded with each transaction. This is a powerful customer acquisition and retention tool (and smart as we use machine learning to process spending behavior to better serve our users).

Liven users are rewarded in a digital currency called Liven Cash, which is very soon to become the global crypto for food, LivenCoin. Liven users can then spend their digital currency at any of our partner merchants. Not only that, Liven partner merchants can choose to accept their Liven revenue in traditional fiat currency or crypto currency, the choice is yours!

What makes Liven different from other rewards programs is the powerful network effect, making the app more valuable to customers than individual rewards apps. We get customers through your door, you impress them with your food, and we reward them with digital currency to keep them coming back for more!

What's in it for Liven?

Liven is doing wonders for its partner merchants by increasing traffic from an untapped user base; but building a global food network is quite the task, so you might wonder what's in it for Liven?

Put simply, we want to empower people to do more of what they love with a global food network. Whether it's for a user who loves to eat out and will have us reward them, or a business owner who prefers to spend more time creating their dining experience and leave us to look after their digital marketing.

Contrary to pricey delivery apps, we use the value of our platform to incentivise customers to get back to the heart of the dining experience. In creating more transactions for our partners, the Liven network's intrinsic value increases - which benefits Liven as a company and as a network.

By serving our users and our partner venues, we serve ourselves - if you're curious about this win, win, win situation.

Through bringing new traffic to our merchant partners, business owners and managers have more time for what they originally intended. Whether it's serving top quality food and drink, or treating patrons to a cultural experience of unique design - leave the tech stuff to us and get back to what you love.

Want to start accepting the crypto for food? Join the world's most advanced and rewarding food network with Liven.