Crypto for the Mainstream

Cryptocurrency. We've all heard of the prolific Bitcoin (or Ethereum) and that the benefits of the blockchain will create the next wave of technology in what seems like every industry, but most don't really know much past that.

It's pretty easy to get confused. There's a ton of different cryptocurrency projects with many different visions and industries to serve. And to be real, most of us know next to nothing about cryptography or economics, let alone how this new tech might affect industry. However there's good reason why industry leads are gravitating towards blockchain and cryptocurrency, and you can get started by reading a whitepaper, or maybe this Crypto 101

Aside from getting to know the projects themselves, there's the cryptocurrency markets where you can buy tokens, and wallets where you can store them. And despite the amount of educative material in the space, the barriers to enter into cryptocurrencies are major obstacles halting wide-spread main-stream crypto adoption. And this is one of the core reasons the LivenPay project is launching a cryptocurrency.

Meet Liven - the mobile payment and rewards wallet using cryptocurrency for everyday use by everyday people.

The Liven app is simple, it rewards users for their spends in a digital currency, which can be immediately used at over 1000 quality venues across Melbourne and Sydney (or can be donated).

Don't worry if you don't live in Australia, we're expanding later this year.

Liven, the app for mainstream crypto adoption.

There are over 220,000 Liven users already. If you want to become one, download the app and use it to discover top venues and pay them - you'll earn 10-30% of your spends as rewards in Liven's cryptocurrency called LivenCoin (LVN). The coins you earn can be put towards your next meal, stored indefinitely, sent to others in the network, traded or even donated to charities - and all of this happens within the Liven app.

It's difficult to say where the ceiling is with cryptocurrency and blockchain - we don't know how tech-advanced our future might look and we don't know the exact role this technology will play, but one thing we do know is where the floor is on user-experience.

LivenCoin will hold its value thanks to measures taken to insulate the internal and external price (read the whitepaper for more) and there being over 1,000 merchants and 200,000 users transacting in the LivenPay ecosystem.

The Liven community Whitepaper is available here.

LivenCoin, a crypto for the mainstream.

Liven is building a borderless ecosystem for lifestyle spending and we've started with food. In 2016/17, we researched and considered blockchain and cryptocurrency in helping achieve our vision, and while the obstacles stopping crypto adoption are obvious, like what's detailed in the Utopian Problem, we have chosen to practically implement the technology and bring it to the mainstream.

Curious about LivenCoin? Check out this introduction.

White Paper: Liven Community White Paper
Download the FREE app: Liven