Bitcoin for burgers

If you aren't aware, there's this famous story from very early on the cryptocurrency space.

10,000 Bitcoin were paid for two pizzas which at the time wasn't worth much at all. With today's value however, we're looking at over $70 million - crazy right?

And now, due to the size of the Bitcoin network and how difficult the mining algorithm is, the transaction fees are likely to outweigh the price of the burger.

But if you know anything about Bitcoin, or if you read its whitepaper, you'd know the intentions go way beyond being a mystical e-cash that buys pizza. Bitcoin has paved the way for a range of decentralised technologies to come about, all with varying focuses and purposes.

So who are we? And what are we about?

Liven is an Australian startup based in Melbourne and Sydney; and we're creating the universal cyrptocurrency for food (we're expanding globally soon don't worry).

We've been in operation since 2014 and with our app, over 220,000 users are earning 10-30% on their bill in LivenCoin (LVN). Yep, spend $40 on burgers at 8bit, get 20% ($8) into your Liven wallet.

The LVN you've earned can be donated to charity, stored in your Liven wallet for next Saturday's date night, or even sent to others in the network.

LivenCoin for burgers (and matcha)

Liven's network has grown to over 1,000 restaurants, caf├ęs and bars across Melbourne and Sydney to get our users rewarded for their spends.

The process is simple. Download the app, verify you're you and pay your bill with Liven. Nothing changes at the venue - just order your food, enjoy the food and earn the food by paying with Liven.

For more details on LivenCoin, we introduce LVN in this post and if you're after a lot of detail, like how the value of the coin is maintained, download our whitepaper here.

So while it's not Bitcoin for your foods, it's LivenCoin for sashimi, coffee, dumplings and yes, burgers.

Join 200,000 others and download the app to start earning!